Three Great Burger Joints to Invest In

When you think of a burger franchise, the golden arches of McDonalds or a Burger King crown might be some of the first things that pop into your head. While these are the most well known burger joints out there with locations all over the world, here in Canada and the US there are a number of smaller ones putting out an impressive product. You may have never heard of some of them before, but if you’re interested in opening a franchise in the fast food business, consider one of these.

Vera's Burger Shack franchise

Vera’s started in 1977 as a beachside concession stand run by Vera herself and her husband Frank. When they got older they gave up the store to their granddaughters, and then in 2000 a family friend, Gerald Tritt, took over and started franchising the store. Now they have a total of 18 locations across BC, Washington State, Idaho, and Oregon.

Vera’s was rated Vancouver’s best burger 10 years running. Its onion rings are not to be ignored either, and its signature sauce is formulated to be so good you might want to drink it from a cup. Vera’s is currently looking for franchises to open location in the rest of Canada and the US. Investment cost starts at $300,000.

Mooyah Burger franchise

This franchise started in 2007 in Texas with 100% lean beef, ice cream shakes, and fries. It experienced major growth in 2012 and awarded 29 new franchises in the first half of 2013. It has been highly rated in several publications such as Restaurant Business where it was ranked 1st in its Future 50 list.

Right now, Mooyah is looking for multiunit franchises and area developers to work together in developing entire territories. Its expansion plan is aggressive, looking for experienced business people with deep pockets to carry the brand to new heights. Total investment for a Mooyah franchise is $500,000 on a 10 year contract, and applicants must have at least $200,000 in liquid assets to qualify.

o'burger franchise

This Quebec-based franchise is relatively new, but they offer an outstanding product. O’Burger produces gourmet quality burgers with the freshest ingredients around, and does it in a fast food format. The concept isn’t original, but they do it right.

O’Burger is owned by MTY group, the same company that owns several ubiquitous franchises like Jugo Juice, Sushi Shop, and Country Style. It has 12 locations so far with territories available across the country for those with a passion for high quality burgers and fast service. Investment totals around $200,000 putting O’Burger at the low end in terms of cost.

Why buy into another greasy fast food joint when there are so many homegrown options like these that put out healthy and delicious eats? You’ll have the pleasure of growing a relatively new brand, and take pride in knowing your business is serving up quality food with top notch ingredients.