Exploring Healthier Franchises in a Post-Pandemic World

As Canada emerges slowly into a post Covid-19 world, there are bound to be some changes among consumer behaviours. Many people stuck at home and having to cook are more interested in healthy food options now than ever before. Other people are looking for more natural, environmentally-conscious products and services. As you weigh this potential trend in your franchise search, here's what to know.


Eating with healthy options

Restaurants of various styles can still make for good franchise opportunities. After cooking at home for several weeks, many people will still want to have something made and served to them. There are many franchise options involving simple, fresh foods that are prepared well. From salad and pizza to an allergy-aware franchise offering tasty bowls, you'll find many fresh food franchises that can satisfy the cravings people developed while being stuck mainly at home.

If you think a food franchise is your calling, consider brands that offer a healthy menu or prepare to offset a standard menu with healthy options to satisfy all of your customer types.


Shopping for healthy foods

Many people have discovered or gotten used to cooking at home, and this is something that will likely continue. This leaves an opportunity for health food and gourmet grocery stores to become even bigger in their respective markets. Check out brands that were able to keep going during the pandemic via online sales or safe pickup options; the stores people discovered while staying at home are ones they are likely to keep going to in the future.


Going for healthier personal care options

Many people are already sick of cutting their own hair or handling other personal care areas on their own--we've all seen the funny videos. Soon, the real experts will be in high demand once again. According to Statista, the beauty and personal care market in Canada is going to be worth over 7 million dollars in 2020 (https://www.statista.com/outlook/70000000/108/beauty-personal-care/canada).

Look for brands that combine beauty services with the natural options people are increasingly seeking. A beauty franchise offering organic products for their services is one example. Salons, spas and waxing parlors with animal-free products that are safe for their environment is another one.

There are many options out there for a healthier franchise. Wherever your passions lie, you can probably find a brand that meets them in a natural and/or healthy way during your franchise search.