Are You An Extrovert?

Are You An Extrovert? Here Are Some Franchises to Consider


Franchise opportunities in Canada are available across various industries. The ideal approach is to find one that meets your goals and will work in your area. Beyond that, there's also the fit to consider; you want to find a Canadian franchise that melds with your personality for the best chance at success and a good experience.


You should have the right personality for both the franchise you are considering and your eventual role as its owner. If you're outgoing with high energy, a gas station franchise probably isn't a great choice. As an owner of this type of franchise, you'll likely be managing the store and behind the counter most of the time. With your type of personality, you'd likely be bored quickly in this scenario, but since you own the business, you'd essentially be stuck with it.


Franchise formats for the extrovert


When you're outgoing, there are some franchise sectors that could be the ideal fit for you. Keep in mind that you don't have to limit yourself to these choices; instead, they are simply options to consider as you carry out your research.


Business-to-Business (B2B)


The focus of most B2B franchises is business development, so enthusiasm and energy are a must. You'll also be interacting with clients a lot, both in person, by email and on the phone.


Consulting franchises


Consulting franchises can be another extension of B2B franchises, and there is no shortage of them available. Many consulting franchises can be run right from your home office, so there are less expenses and costs for the startup. Of course, you certainly won't be home much if you start this type of business. There's a lot of outreach to be done, with help and tips from your franchiser, to secure clients.


Photography franchises


Even the advent of the digital age hasn't stopped people from hiring professional photographers. While anyone can take a decent photo with a smartphone, those snaps are not usually considered good enough for special events like weddings or sports. You can specialize in certain areas--such as children, pets, sports or weddings--and having an outgoing personality will help you gain more clients and get better reactions from your subjects for overall better shots.


Finding a franchise that fits your personality and not just your goals and your finances is an often-overlooked part of a successful search outcome. If you're a person who loves crowds, make sure you look for an opportunity that doesn't keep your interactions with other people limited.