Family-Friendly Franchising

Many franchises are ideally suited to those with families, offering the flexibility of working during school hours and being able to take time off when necessary. Being your own boss, setting your own hours and planning your own schedule is a massive boon when it comes to being a working parent or working while caring for others.

There are some franchises, however, that are especially designed with kids and families in mind. There are many franchises that deliver children's products, wraparound care, food supplements, educational support, sporting activities and even party entertainment. For an experienced parent who understands the market and already has contacts among other parents, they represent a reasonably easy step into running your own business.



Statistics Canada reported that there were 6,491,030 children under the age of 18 living in the country in 2020 [1], and this means that there are a lot of parents looking to purchase products designed for their children or to engage in services and activities to support them with their educational needs, physical fitness and entertainment requirements.


Engage In The Community

By choosing to set up a branch of a franchise aimed at children in your local area, you will develop a local following and directly benefit the community in which you live and work. If you are a parent, it is likely that you will already have a network to support you in generating a following.

Whether you choose to run a daycare center, enabling parents to return to their jobs after having children, or become a weekend party entertainer at birthdays and other milestone events, life as a children's franchisee will surely be exciting, fun and full of spirit.



It is a fact of life that more children will be born every year, regardless of the cost of living crisis, escalating inflation rates and increased costs of food and fuel. This means that a children's franchise is reasonably insulated against these outside economic pressures and can offer a level of security that isn't guaranteed in other types of industries.

If you are considering a career with children that will fit around your own home life, becoming a franchisee for a children's franchise could suit you. There are plenty of options to select from that can offer you tangible benefits such as a diverse and varied lifestyle once you have taken the plunge.