Franchise, Franchisor and Franchisee

There are several different people involved when it comes to a franchise. A franchise is one portion of a larger company. When a person purchases a franchise, they are considered a franchisee. The franchisor is the larger parent company that is the central contact for all of the different franchises. It is possible to purchase a franchise from either a franchisor or another franchisee that is ready to move on.

There are two main things to consider when looking into a franchise. The terms of a franchise agreement cover the fees that need to be paid to the franchisor and the royalties that will be paid to the franchisee. Sometimes, established companies are not always willing to offer new franchisees an ideal agreement because of the number of current stores and the need for new franchises.

Before becoming a franchisee, it is also important to take a look at the regulations that guide a specific franchisor. If you plan to establish your branch of the franchise in a different province, there could be some differences in how things are handled. This is information that should be researched before making a final decision. When learning more about a franchise, be sure to look into what things are set in stone and which things can be changed to reflect the desires of the business owner. The more information there is available up front, the better.

There are several different websites that have put together useful information from multiple franchises for those considering a new business. Going into the agreement while completely understanding how the relationship is going to work can prevent future problems, including financial difficulties along the way.

While it would be nice to find a business that will remain constant despite the economic situation, these are few and far between. Instead, a franchisee needs to realize that they will take on the brunt of any market fluctuations that occur. Because of this, the goal is to find a strong company that has a plan to keep things moving in the right direction with a strong brand name and a commitment to the franchisees.

Franchise agreements tend to automatically renew. This ensures that there is no gap in service for those that are planning to continue with the current arrangement. However, for those that are ready to call it quits and move on, it is important to notify the parent company before the end of the contract to ensure that there are no leftover obligations.

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