Franchising is a Great Opportunity for Women

For many women, their career goal is to be their own boss. Franchising is a great opportunity for women to empower themselves and run their own business, and there are plenty of opportunities to franchise in Canada, such as Art Innovators, Caryl Baker Visage, and Comfort Keepers that offer a wide variety of benefits for female business owners.

These benefits clearly outweigh starting and running a new business from scratch, and some of them include:

Quick Expansion

Franchising is perfect for women seeking to open more than one business or to own several stores within an already established business. Franchising makes it possible to open numerous businesses at one time and gain the upper hand over competitors within the same marketplace.


Numerous franchise opportunities are home-based, which eradicates both commute times and expenses as well as being away from family. Eliminating childcare costs is a huge perk when working from home, and woman are still home to enjoy time with and raise their children.

Start-Up Training

Franchise opportunities offer start-up training for all of their franchisees, because if the franchise doesn’t succeed, the entire business won’t succeed. This allows franchisees to learn quickly about the specific industry/market in which their franchise operates. Franchisees also receive ongoing training and support after their location is launched.

Huge Variety

Whether looking into janitorial franchises in Canada or one of the many other franchise business types, franchising offers a substantial variety of possibilities. Franchisees can choose a business option that fits into their schedule, suits their interests and enjoy going to work each day.

Business Support

Franchisees obtain business support they wouldn't normally receive when starting a business from scratch. This includes marketing the business and working within an already proven business plan. This provides business support and guidance to shop owners who would normally need to set up their own marketing and operations plans.

Increased Buying Power

Franchising increases buying power substantially, as it is frequently possible to negotiate volume discounts from already established suppliers. Sharing costs with other businesses within the franchise results in higher operating margins as well as a competitive advantage over similar operations.

Name Recognition

Establishing and increasing brand awareness is a challenge for business start-ups, and franchising does away with that issue. Brand loyalty is at an all-time high and operating a franchise business means consumers are already aware of the brand; the franchisee doesn’t have to put the brand name out there, it already is.

These are just some of the benefits women can enjoy when owning a franchise business. When one couples these perks with being one’s own boss and enjoying a flexible schedule, franchising is definitely a smart choice for anyone looking to own their own business within an already existing marketplace under an already established brand.

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