Franchising Trends for 2014

Have you become discouraged by the frustrating routine of reporting to work every day only to do something you dislike or spend time with people who make you feel stressed rather than encouraged? If so, you're not alone, and the road to a brighter future might begin with making the decision to be a franchisee. Keep reading to learn more about some trends that could help you make an informed choice to change your life in a meaningful and profitable way.

Canadian Baby Boomers Are Discovering Retirement Isn't The Only Option

Decades ago, as Canadians began entering their mid-sixties, many began assuming retirement was just around the corner. However, that's no longer the case, and some are deciding the golden years present great opportunities to get involved in a franchise. A recent article from Yahoo! News referenced a figure from Canadian's Financial Post news outlet that indicated more than 300,000 Canadians aged 65 or older are still working.

In some industries, you may feel older age is a detrimental factor, but when you're a franchisee, it offers a wonderful way to prove you have wisdom and want to use it for the benefit of others while also harnessing an entrepreneurial spirit.

If you're particularly able to relate well to older adults, it may be worthwhile to spend your retirement years as a franchisee for a personal care service such as Living Assistance Services or Homewatch CareGivers. You could help seniors safely do basic tasks and avoid loneliness.

Canadians Value Good Health

The Business Development Bank of Canada recently conducted a study of consumer buying trends. One of the most striking characteristics found was that Canadians are increasingly concerned with taking good care of themselves.

One half of respondents said they consider the health impact of a product before making a purchase, and one-third said they'd pay more for a healthy product. If you've always wanted to help people stay healthy, it's possible to do that by getting involved with a franchise such as Snap Fitness, or perhaps opening a franchised shop such as Cultures, a sandwich retailer that offers fresh and healthy meals.

These two trends will likely gain even more prominence throughout the coming year and it's easy to use them to your advantage when becoming a franchisee. As you make the all-important decision to move forward with your desire to be your own boss, consider these national trends along with personal interests and goals.