Going to a Canadian Franchise Show? Here's What to Know

A Canadian franchise show can be a great way to learn more about the industry and directly connect with brands of interest to you. How you use your time there will directly impact what you get out of the experience, so keep the franchise show tips below in mind as you prepare for your trip.


Reserve as early as possible

Sometimes, a show will limit the number of attendees at specific events or even sell out. Review the schedules for each day and reserve as soon as you decide to go to ensure you have access to everything that interests you. In some cases, those who reserve early may receive a discount, which is even better.


Stay where the show is

It's only natural to want to save money on your hotel, but staying where the show is being held can be a great return on your investment, even if it is a little more expensive than places nearby. This is where the event's heartbeat is, and it will give you more chances to connect with people.


Know your objectives

Do you want to find a new franchise or a mentor? Are you looking for financing? Whatever your actual needs are, target the exhibitors who can help you. Mark those locations and map the route on the floor. Franchise shows can be a maze, so you want to know where you need to go before you even get there.


Plan out your time

Make sure all of your time is scheduled, from lunch dates to seminars. Since there will be a lot of people there, impromptu meetings are less likely, so you want to make plans with the people you really want to see.


Pack the right outfits

This may sound odd, but you want to "look the part" to potential franchisors. If you want to become part of a beauty franchise, for example, your level of beautification may matter. If you're interested in a business consulting brand, you want to look business-appropriate. Do make sure you have comfortable shoes, however, since you will likely be doing a lot of walking.

A franchise trade show is a great way to learn new things and make new connections, but you need to manage your time to really tap into the experience. Know what your goals are and whom you want to meet before you go so you tick all your boxes.