Hit That New Franchisee Stride

It's not easy to be the new person in anything, and that includes being a new Canadian franchisee. No matter how much related experience you may have, you are very likely coming into the brand fresh. It is going to take some time for you to find your footing, and while that can be frustrating, it's also completely normal. The key here is not to panic and take advantage of learning on the job. Dive right in, and give it your all every single day.


You'll hit the ground running

Since there is a lot of prep work involved in starting a new franchise, you will be moving forward before you open your doors. You'll set up accounts, talk to vendors and have conversations with marketers and other people. Through these interactions, you will gain more insight into your brand. Just the act of working toward opening day will make you more comfortable with many areas of your franchise, including what they offer and their key strategies.

Other tasks you will do before you open, such as training any employees, will also help prepare you for running your new location. Consider doing a small or "soft" opening, if the franchisor allows it, to help you and any staff become more confident in what you are doing. Schedule this a week or so before your big grand opening so you all feel more comfortable handling a bigger crowd. If your franchisor does not permit any sort of opening before the official day, you may be able to use employees, trusted family members or friends as "customer" stand-ins while keeping your doors closed.


Your skills will grow over time

Becoming a business owner doesn't happen overnight. It entails months of work, research and effort. Don't expect too much too quickly from yourself, particularly if you are new to franchising. Before you are even aware of it, you will be learning as you go and sharpening your business skills.

It's important to note that you should never get discouraged when it comes to what you don't know as a new franchisee. Your current skills have already gotten you far, and they will continue to help you moving forward. You are probably more qualified than you think, and your ability to learn will help you grow your franchise. Just be ready to give your new franchise your full efforts, and accept that you may need to learn some things as you go along.