Around the World: 5 Internationally Flavoured Franchises

Every family likes to step outside their regular meal choices and take advantage of some foreign flavorings. There is no need to travel around with world to enjoy international meal choices and each of these restaurants brings something unique to the customer. Potential franchise owners can benefit from any one these unique opportunities to expand the palates of their communities.


The popularity of Korean cuisine is on the rise and KimChi is taking advantage. Many popular Korean dishes are served on a regular basis including things like Korean BBQ, tupogi and even bibim-bap. Customers (and potential franchise owners) that are not familiar with these entrees get more than just a delicious meal. They have an opportunity to learn more about the cuisine in general and sample something new at each and every visit. Customers watch as each dish is prepared right before their eyes.

Opa Souvlaki

Mediterranean food includes dishes like souvlaki, seasoned pitas and hummus. With Opa, franchise owners can choose to be part of a bustling food court or open up a stand-alone restaurant with plenty of room for dining in. Either way, there are healthy options galore on the menu and guests will enjoy the unique options on the menu that include some popular favorites like fried calamari and fries. Training and marketing support are an important part of this food franchise.


Authenticity is of the utmost importance when it comes to international cuisine. Customers want to know that they are truly getting a taste of something that could be found within a restaurant within its country of origin. Mexican burritos and tacos are the main event at Quesada. Customers can choose something a little spicy to wake up their mouths to the new flavors or they can stick with some of the savory basics. This newer restaurant is just beginning to expand and franchise owners have the ability to get in at the ground level and take advantage of the potential and growth of the business.

Sushi Shop

Why just serve food when a restaurant has the opportunity to offer things like specialty groceries in the same location? Customers can enjoy Japanese cuisine prepared fresh daily, including sushi, a meal option that is steadily increasing in popularity. If they find something that they loved, like a sauce or even a special tea, they can browse through the boutique and pick up some of those same items to try out at home. This food franchise is about more than just a meal; it gives patrons a chance to take more than just the leftovers home.


Tandori, the Indian word for oven, reminds customers that a hot meal is just moments away. Northern India inspired dishes are easy to make and do not require experts in the specialty cuisine. The automated system makes it possible for anyone to prepare a meal filled with unique spices and flavors. Because the food preparation is so simple, restaurants are often located within food courts and can easily be run with a minimal staff. Tandori is the epitome of simplicity when it comes to a food franchise.