Learn New Tricks to Bring In Repeat Customers

Many business owners choose franchises because the marketing efforts of the franchiser provide a boost that trickles down to each local branch. However, this doesn't mean that you can simply glide on without any extra marketing work on your behalf. If you aren't sure quite how to handle marketing, you have a lot of resources at hand to develop the necessary skills.

The Franchiser

The franchise company you sign a contract with is invested in your success. They will likely have an entire library of content, materials, specific industry tips and other helpful information to get you started on the right foot. Nearly all major companies also provide intensive training sessions to prepare new business owners for the challenges of attracting customers.

Your training may start months in advance of opening day, but direct marketing guidance usually begins when you start planning your grand opening. The franchiser will help you choose the best ways to attract plenty of traffic. These techniques usually include giveaways, special offers or sales, coupons for future use or even charity drives for a local cause.

Talk to the field support team for your region anytime you need a little advice or some quick hints on how to handle a specific marketing challenge. If you are bringing in plenty of customers but can't get them to return for consecutive visits, a call to your closest representative will net you a bounty of helpful information.

Branded marketing materials are part of the franchiser support packages for many opportunities. Some companies charge additional fees for these products, while others send them out regularly at their own cost. Requesting these materials can take a lot of work out of creating a marketing campaign.

Other Franchisees

Don't forget your fellow franchise members when looking for help with marketing efforts. Each successful operator increases the chance of another owner gaining a good reputation. Building connections with owners in distant but similar geographical locations will allow you to swap experiences and tips without giving away secrets to nearby competitors.

Inquire with the franchiser and learn if any franchisees have branded together to start an advisory council or owner's association. These independent groups help the owners work together when they disagree with the decisions of the parent company. This kind of association can connect you with an experienced mentor for some one-on-one training.