The Canadian Medical Franchise Industry: A Wide Open Field


Medical franchises cover a vast array of services that relate to the healthcare industry in Canada. This is a rapidly growing sector that is consistently expanding and offers opportunities in many different formats worth exploring.


Specialized staffing agencies


The healthcare field is always on the hunt for medical professionals, and that's where healthcare-focused staffing agencies come in. These agencies help medical organizations fill empty positions, which is a valuable service without a ton of competition.


Home care services


People with mobility issues and the elderly need care, and many of them don't want to have to leave their homes and live in a facility instead. This presents an opportunity for those who want a mobile home care franchise. Not only does this opportunity have a wide potential customer base - the Government of Canada estimates that 23 percent of the population will be 65 or older by the year 2030 ( - but it gives entrepreneurs the chance to help out local seniors by allowing them to live at home for longer.


Wellness and pain reduction


Less pain and general wellness go hand in hand with healthcare, and there's a lot to choose from in this category, including physiotherapy, massage and yoga. Some fitness brands blend wellness services into their models, so that could be a combination to consider if you're interested in health and wellness aspects and want multiple revenue streams for your business.


Dental care and hearing


Unfortunately, many people experience trouble with their hearing in the later stages of life. Hearing aids give people the ability to hear back and can be a rewarding venture for those who want a more fulfilling business experience.


Dental care is a necessary service for everyone. There are specialized services such as denture clinics and brands that fill a niche, such as dental care centers that focus on children. Although it varies by franchise, you don't necessarily need a dental or medical background for a dental franchise; check the requirements for the brands you are considering to narrow down your prospect list.


If getting into the medical field in any way sounds exciting to you, a franchise in this industry could be the way to go. As with an opportunity in any other industry, make sure you fully research the brands you are considering so you can make the most informed decision possible.