6 Pizza Franchises Sure to Make Your Mouth Water

It seems that in today's fast paced world, families are turning to pizza as a quick and easy meal solution. They don't have the time to fix something spectacular every single night. Parents and kids want something they can pick up on the way home and eat without taking up too much of their evening. Pizza tends to meet these needs while providing a delicious meal that is just as good as leftovers. Here are six different pizza franchises that work hard to keep those busy families together for lunch and dinner, ensuring a steady flow of customers.


FreshSilce is a popular option for those looking to start their own pizza franchise. With no royalty fees and no advertising fees, all money made stays in the owner's pocket to be used to promote growth and grow the business. FreshSlice provides the set menu along with coupons and flyers for business owners to use without paying a dime! This company has seen major growth in the past few years and has received the Consumers' Award for Business Excellence for the past few years in a row.


The emphasis with Panago is fresh. The franchise has already developed several areas and has set aside a few locations, in high profile settings, that are already prepared for expansion. Customers have the option of takeout or delivery and the menu boasts over 30 different types of pizza. In addition, stores offer salads, wings and breadsticks to round out the meal. Aside from the fresh ingredients and stellar customer service, Panago takes pride in its involvement in local communities.

Papa Murphy's Take N Bake

With Papa Murphy's, pizza franchise owners have a unique opportunity. Employees do everything but bake the pizza for the customers. There is no cooking involved and there is no need to set up an eat-in area within the business. Instead, customers watch as fresh ingredients are piled high atop the pizza dough. Families take the pizzas home and bake them to their own liking.

Pizza Hut

Brand recognition is key with Pizza Hut. Customers already know what to expect when they walk through the door or the delivery person shows up at the house. Pizza Hut already comes with its own customer base and its menu offers a lot of variety compared to some of the competition. Great tasting food combined with convenient and multiple options makes Pizza Hit a winning pizza franchise.

Pizza Pizza

When families became more health conscious, Pizza Pizza made the transition to things like wheat dough and reduced trans fats. They even have a gluten-free dough option for those looking to make a serious dietary change. Each franchise receives extended support from the company as well as efficient shipping of all fresh ingredients. Along with the supplies, business owners can expect to receive some of the best training available within the restaurant industry.

Pizza Delight

Consistency is the cornerstone of Pizza Delights business plan. It is important that families enjoy the same quality and service each and every time they place an order. The name was established in 1968 and ever since, Pizza Delight has been providing stellar secret-recipe sauce in addition to pastas and salads. The company continues to stay competitive with extensive market research from which franchise owners benefit.