Start Planning For Summer Break Now

Summer break will soon be upon us. Children will be out of school for several weeks, their parents will be looking for ways to keep them busy, and vacationers will be leaving town while tourists appear. For many franchises, the summer break period will be even busier than usual, particularly for those that are involved in any way with the tourism industry.

This means that it is essential to start planning early. Summer break offers a range of opportunities for business owners, but it will also present some challenges. It is important to plan for this time and ensure it does not take you by surprise.



You may wish to take some time off work to spend with your family over summer break, but you will need a competent member of staff to work in your place, unless you are planning to temporarily close the business. Start training that person now and ensure that they will be available for the entire duration that you will be away and that they are appropriately empowered and rewarded for their efforts. They will be essential for maintaining the reputation of the business while you are away, so take the time to prepare them thoroughly.

If you are not planning time away from work, check whether any of your employees have summer plans. If any of your loyal and dedicated workforce want time off, you will need to determine whether you can operate without them or whether you will need to bring in additional staff, temporary workers or offer extra shifts to other staff. By planning now, you will have time to organize a schedule that satisfies the needs of the business and your workers and put in place any additional training that is needed.



If you work in an industry that will see additional business over the summer break period, it is likely that you will need to order more stock than usual. Make sure you have the finances in place to satisfy a larger order, as well as appropriate storage for it until it is time to put it out for sale.



If you will be making any changes to your opening hours or service offering over the summer break, tell your customers early. Make use of your website and social media channels to communicate with your clients so they are not taken by surprise and know when and how they can contact you.

By taking the time to consider the changes the summer break will bring to your business, you will be well positioned to pre-empt them so this period passes as smoothly and profitably as possible.