Stop Food Waste Day 2023

Stop Food Waste Day will be held on April 26, 2023. This day offers an opportunity for all franchises, particularly those operating in the food industry, to draw attention to the problem and share practical solutions for changing behaviour patterns to minimize food waste.


Why It Matters

Food waste matters to everyone. For the producers who work long hours in challenging environmental conditions, knowing that up to 33% of their produce is wasted is hugely demoralizing. It is essential that producers are motivated to remain in business, so recognizing the value of their output and working to minimize its waste is important.

There is a significant emphasis on climate change at the moment, and with up to 8% of greenhouse gas emissions produced every year resulting from food waste, implementing strategies for reducing waste will make a huge difference in combating climate change.

Consumers are facing extraordinary spikes in the cost of everyday provisions, so wasting food that could have been eaten is a costly mistake that is made by thousands of families daily. Helping your consumers understand their options is vital for educating them and supporting them in minimizing food waste at home or at work.


Practical Solutions

Food industry franchises can support their consumers in minimizing food waste by reviewing portion sizes to ensure they match the needs of the consumer without exceeding them. They can include product labeling advising consumers about the ability of the food to be stored and reheated to help them make the best use of any leftovers.

They can also explain how their supply chain works and who their suppliers are. By giving a face to the producers and workers involved in bringing the food to them, they may be more inclined to treat it with the respect that it warrants.

Other businesses that are eager to minimize food waste in their operations can review the portion sizes offered in their staff kitchens and use meal planning to allow personnel to select their meals in advance, reducing the likelihood of meals being cooked that are not desired. They can also make use of leftovers.

Supporting staff is also possible by educating them about meal planning, batch cooking, freezing items that have been bought while on sale until they are needed, and making use of leftovers, such as making soups from leftover vegetables or baking with overripe bananas.


Join The Hashtag Revolution

If you are eager to join this movement and can think of other creative solutions to implement, why not get your followers talking by using the following hashtags across your social media feeds?

Twitter: @_stopfoodwasteday_

LinkedIn: @Stop Food Waste Day

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Facebook: @stopfoodwasteday

Have fun with this, and keep in mind that reducing food waste is everybody's business. As a franchise, you are well placed to deliver the message to a large audience, both in Canada and around the world.