Technology Franchises

May 11 marks the annual National Technology Day, where businesses and individuals from all walks of life can celebrate technological advances and consider ways in which technology can be exploited to improve our quality of life in the future.


Canada's Wealth Of Technology Franchises

Many franchisees with a passion for technology have made their hobby their thriving business, as Canada is a leading light in the world of computer and internet franchises. This not only applies to franchises that specifically focus on the provision of technological tools and equipment, such as apps and computer support, but also those that would not function without the internet.

This includes all those franchises who operate from home, using the internet to communicate with their franchise network, clients and customers, as well as those who sell products via the internet. This covers an enormous cross-section of industries, including accounting services, delivery of educational services, retail and tourism sales, and advice.

There are many technology and technology-enabled franchises operating in Canada in 2023 that offer immense opportunities for entrepreneurs wishing to become their own boss and run their own business.


Technology Is Valuable For Everyone

Even for those businesses that do not rely on the internet or modern technology to function, much can still be gained from implementing specific technologies to drive efficiencies or increase productivity.

Automating simple processes can deliver impressive time savings, allowing franchisees to focus on value-added activities while staying on top of technological advances and learning from the experiences of others can help business owners to avoid making costly mistakes or implementing tools and processes that will not make a positive difference in the operation of their business.


How To Mark National Technology Day

There are many ways you can mark National Technology Day. You could use the hashtag #nationaltechnologyday in social media posts about how your business uses technology or about how the technology that your business sells can improve the lives of your customers.

You could run a competition on your socials in a treasure hunt style, getting your followers involved in guessing the answers to technology-based clues in order to win a consultation, product or service from your business, or even just the kudos of knowing more about technology than their peers.

You could even use the day to launch a new technology-related product or service.

However, you choose to celebrate National Technology Day, do it in a way that feels personal to you and relevant to your business.