The Franchisee Evaluation: Are You Up to The Scrutiny?

A lot of attention is naturally focused on due diligence by franchises, and that makes sense. You need to be sure the Canadian brand you're considering is the right system for you before you make such a significant commitment. However, many people fail to realize that this is a street that goes both ways. While you're evaluating a franchise, that franchisor is also taking stock of you. To ensure you pass muster once you've found your ideal franchise, keep the four tips below in mind.


Do the legwork 

A franchisor should welcome your questions, but they will also want to see that you've done your own research, too. When you go to discuss joining their system, bring any documentation you have and notes you took. Have whatever you need to talk about yourself and what you can bring to the table as a franchisee.


Ask the right kind of questions 

Good franchisors will expect questions and will do their best to answer them, but they will also be able to tell how much research you've done by what you are asking. If you've only done the bare minimum, it will be evident in what you ask. Once you've done your research into the franchise, write down all the questions you have and bring them to your meeting. When you ask thoughtful questions, it will demonstrate to the franchisor that you are taking the initiative.


Keep it professional 

You're being evaluated as a brand ambassador, so your behavior needs to stay in the professional realm. Franchisors look for polite, organized individuals who are professional in appearance and in communication.


Take the process seriously 

When you enter into a franchise, a good deal of your success relies on how well you can follow the system. Therefore, your franchisor will want to see you take the process of joining seriously as this shows you are dedicated to the franchise and are giving the matter the weight and attention it deserves. 

Each system will have its own process, but just about all of them evaluate franchisees from multiple angles to ensure they have what it takes to succeed within the system and properly represent the brand. Present yourself in the best light possible in all your interactions with the franchisor to increase your chances of being approved to join the brand that truly interests you.