The Holidays are Coming!

Yes, the summer break is now behind us and probably already a distant memory, but there is no time to rest on your laurels. There is so much to pack into the fall and winter seasons, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

All of these major holidays are key selling points for many service and product-based franchises, and there will be a raft of marketing material to prepare, staff training to embark upon, and customer engagement to maximize.


Plan your fall and winter campaigns and strategies now!

Franchisees should consider their availability early and contact their franchisor for advice regarding any changes in the works for their fall menus or product ranges to ensure that their marketing strategies are consistent and well aligned. They must make sure that stock is ordered in advance and that their social media campaigns promote the right products or services to the target audience.


Do you have the right workforce?

Many businesses may have lost their summer helpers, such as temporary staff on break from college, and may need to recruit for vacancies, upskill existing staff to take on new responsibilities, or review their staffing plan and schedules to ensure complete continuity in service delivery.

You should assess the capabilities of your existing workforce and prioritize resolving any gaps that are identified. You may need to hire temporary staff or increase your own availability to account for staff shortages to ensure you are approaching this new season proactively.


Staff time off

While assessing staffing needs, be sure to consider what time off staff will need. Will anyone in your workforce require time off for religious or cultural reasons at the end of the year? Has anybody booked a vacation? Does anyone need time off to attend school concerts, nativity plays or other seasonal events?

By engaging with your workforce early and understanding their availability, you can plan well in advance to ensure that sufficient coverage is available at all times or adapt your opening hours or services to account for any known staff shortages you will experience.

In conclusion, September is the time to plan. Consider what changes lie ahead and ensure that you are prepared to meet them. Make sure your plans are aligned with those of your franchisor and that you have a clear and detailed understanding of their needs and expectations. Finally, communicate your plans to everyone who works for you so you can deliver a seamless performance as we enter one of the busiest times of the year.