Three Things Honest Franchisors Will Never Say

Luckily for prospective franchisees, franchisors can’t just say what they think people want to hear. Local and federal governments regulate how franchisors conduct business, and the consequences of violating Canadian franchise laws aren’t something any franchisor wants to experience.

Canada has several regulations in place to help protect franchisees, some of which were influenced by the thorough set of U.S. laws on this subject. This makes franchising one of the safer ways for a person to start his or her own business.

Despite all the benefits of a franchise, it’s still not for everyone. Not every single franchisor follows their rules, and the burden is on you as a prospective franchisee to separate fact from fiction when it comes to franchise materials. Check out the following things an honest franchisor will never tell you.

“You are guaranteed to succeed!”

Too many things influence the success of a franchise to ever guarantee success. Even if the franchisor is almost positive you’ll succeed based on your finances, your ability to learn and other factors, they should never promise that you will.

“You’ll become a millionaire!”

Outside of offering documented figures of franchisee returns, a franchisor should not promise you a specific earning amount. While they can provide reasonable estimates, so many factors go into a franchise that it is impossible to say for sure what your exact earnings will be.

“You’re the perfect fit!”

An honest franchisor may tell you that you’re a perfect fit for the franchise only after they’ve profiled you using assessments and other tools. If they are telling you this right out of the gate before they’ve evaluated you in any way, consider it a red flag.

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