Top franchises for women

There is no gender bias in franchising, but it is a fact of life that women are more likely to balance work with domestic responsibilities than men. Therefore, it can be useful to know that some franchise industries lend themselves better to those requiring higher levels of flexibility.

Here is a look at some of the franchise sectors that are well positioned to support women in achieving their entrepreneurial ambitions without compromising on their personal responsibilities and values.


Accounting franchises

Accounting franchises are typically home-based, allowing women to work around their other commitments. There is usually a steady stream of work throughout the year, with predictable peaks of activity around tax return deadlines. This simplifies planning and allows for early delegation of childcare responsibilities at these points in time.


Fitness franchises

Fitness franchises can be home-based, with lessons and advice provided online, or in person, meeting with clients at their homes or accompanying them while they exercise in a public space. These businesses can suit women with busy lifestyles because customers can be selected for their availability and convenience as much as for the money that can be earned from delivering the service.


Pet care franchises

As with fitness franchises, many pet care franchises, such as grooming and dog walking, can suit women very well thanks to the ability to select clients whose schedules align with their own or whose locations are convenient. Many dog groomers operate from their home, and animals are brought to them. This enables women to remain at home with short and predictable periods of work throughout the day.


Health and beauty franchises

Most health and beauty franchises are home-based, with products being sold via the internet. Some franchisees may host clients at their home or attend demonstration or product test evenings to raise the profile of their business and products. Again, this type of business can fit well around a busy lifestyle and caring responsibilities, allowing women to thrive in business while performing a job they enjoy.


Vending machine franchises

Vending machine franchises typically have a low cost of entry and a reasonably minimal commitment. Usually, once a machine is positioned, the owner of the location will notify the franchisee when it is time to replenish stock, which they can do at a time that is convenient for them. Although it is necessary to keep it stocked, this can fit around the franchisee's schedule.

These are only some of the sectors that offer Canadian women the opportunity to work for themselves and achieve financial security while still performing their personal and domestic duties. The Canadian government offers various grants and initiatives to entice women into business ownership, and many franchisors are happy to discuss these and other funding options available to help women take the plunge. We wish you the best of luck with your franchising ambitions!