What to Weigh Before Hiring a Franchise Business Consultant

What to Weigh Before Hiring a Franchise Business Consultant

A Canadian franchise takes a lot of time, knowledge, dedication and hard work to be successful. While you do have the advantage of an established brand's information, educational offerings and support when you join a franchise, you still may be apprehensive about opening your own business and considering using the services of a business coach. This is a professional whose job is to advise new and current business owners about all aspects of their business, from operations to financials. Before you decide to go with a coach, here's what you have to think about.

Make sure you're able to be coached

The best advice won't mean anything if it is not applied, so you have to do some self-evaluation here, and you'll need to be honest with yourself about it. The same goes for members of your team if the coach will be working with them. If you're not one to follow advice, a coach won't do you much good and it will be a frustrating experience for both of you.

Don't hire a "yes" person

A consultant who always wants to agree with you is useless at best and possibly even dangerous. The main benefit of having a coach is getting that honest--and not always easy to hear--advice and reflection.

Confirm the consultant has a system

The right coach will bring industry experience, a track record and roadmap or plan for you to follow. Your coach is more than just a counselor who offers sage advice now and then. Great coaches will have game plans to serve as their foundation of coaching you. This system should also have a set of performance indicators so you can see what is working, what isn't working and what areas can be improved in the coaching relationship.

Be ready for the long haul

Introduce, measure and adjust is the basis of a good strategy for business growth. This means results will take some time, particularly if you discover that a major adjustment is needed.

While even the best business coach can't make your location a success without you, having a professional coach on your side can help you grow your business and expand your own personal knowledge base. Should you decide to work with a coach, be sure to check their references and fully vet their background to ensure you are getting the type of seasoned professional you need.