Why Global Franchises Favor Canada

Canada is an amazing place to live and work and franchising offers the opportunity for a superb lifestyle, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that global franchise brands are seizing the opportunity for expanding into the country. This expansion has made Canada the second most favoured country in the world for global franchise brands.

There are a multitude of reasons this is the case, and understanding these reasons will help you decide whether you wish to join a Canadian franchise or become a franchisee for a global brand that has expanded into Canada or wishes to do so.



The first reason Canada is a preferred choice for global franchise brands is its multicultural nature. With English and French being widely spoken in the country, overseas brands have no trouble adapting their branding to suit the environment.

It also offers franchises the opportunity to test their brand and products on people from a wide range of backgrounds and demographics, and take advantage of the overseas connections of Canadian immigrants who may retain strong bonds and connections to foreign markets.


Highly educated and skilled workforce

Canada is renowned for its excellent education system and for keeping the majority of its population in work, and this means that the vast majority of Canadians enjoy a disposable income to spend on items or services of their choosing. This is a highly attractive prospect to franchises who wish to see success overseas.



Canada adheres to three international trademark treaties (the Madrid Protocol, the Nice Agreement and the Singapore Treaty), so franchises feel quite safe expanding into the country in the knowledge that their intellectual property will be protected under Canadian law.


Readily Available Guidance

Unlike many overseas territories, Canada has a well-established governance process for franchises that, in six of the ten provinces, includes legally mandating and enforcing the use of franchise disclosure documents. The country is already home to a plethora of franchises, so gleaning information on the strategies employed in siting them can serve as a useful aid for expanding into the country in a sensible and considered way.



Canada offers a host of benefits to overseas franchise brands, and as a Canadian citizen, there is certainly plenty of choice available when deciding which franchise to associate yourself with. Ultimately, it comes down to personal choice, selecting a brand that you are passionate about and willing to dedicate yourself to. Whether it is a Canadian brand or a global franchise that has expanded into the country, the regulations and requirements will be broadly similar, and each endeavour should be considered on its individual merits.