Women Are Fast Becoming A Force In The Canadian Franchise Sector.

According to a report from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, there was a 50 percent growth in the total number of women who were self-employed in Canada, and by 2010, one million Canadian women owned a small business. Women-owned businesses displayed growth that is 60 percent faster than that of their male counterparts. Age is across the board among this group, with 33 percent having a child under 12, while the fastest growth rate being observed is businesswomen over 55, also known as 'seniorpreneurs.'

With all the evidence showing just how important and active the female segment of franchisees is, it's vital to support and encourage this ownership. Some franchises that have been started by and are run by women provide a great opportunity for those looking to join this growing sector. CIBC's study concluded that most women-owned businesses are sole proprietorships, a common factor in many franchise operations.

Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz was founded in 2008 by Michelle Cote, a state of Florida resident. Recalling her son's love of the Lego toy sets, Cote sought to encourage learning through the use of the toy bricks and won a bid to introduce the concept in her child's school. The idea was a huge success and quickly caught on in other area schools. Since then, Bricks 4 Kidz has grown to over 500 locations across 24 countries and shows no signs of slowing down. The unique teaching programs combine a love of learning with the popularity of a beloved and creative toy.

Art Innovators

Art Innovators is a franchise geared toward teaching children through art. With over two decades in business, Art Innovators offers two levels of ownership to accommodate the busy woman's schedule and family life. Art Innovators Teach offers exclusive territory of 5,000 households to those who want to work by themselves on a full-time or part time basis. For those interested in a more demanding schedule and wider territory, Art Innovators Teach Plus has an exclusive territory of 30,000 households and is for those who want to hire teaching staff to expand the business more quickly.

Caryl Baker Visage

Caryl Baker Visage, founded in 1969 by model and teacher Caryl Baker, is a well-known cosmetics and beauty services provider. This franchise emphasizes the experience of the client, with a heavy emphasis on customer service and diversity in the number of available products. Part of the now $5 billion beauty industry, according to statistics from Health Canada, Caryl Baker Visage is still growing and actively searching for new franchisees to join its ever-expanding team.

Women franchisees tend to be 'lifestylers,' that is, they're going into business on their own to help find a balance between the demands of work and family. Since franchises offer a scheduling flexibility and represent less risk than traditional small business models, which have a first-year failure rate of 20 percent, they have become a naturally attractive option to women entrepreneurs.

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