Women in Franchising

Kelly’s kids had just gone off to college and there she was, alone at home. After all those years of being a stay-at-home mom, Kelly was starting to wonder if her decades-old business degree could still be put to use. Unlike her working friends, she did not have any professional connections. Her lack of recent work experience would only earn her roles for which she was overqualified.

While out running errands, Kelly drove past many local businesses and thought about how much fun it would be to run one. After all, she raised a family; she can certainly run a business! She wondered how to get started, and upon returning home began to research and discovered that many of the places she drove by offered a franchise business for sale in Canada wherein women like Kelly can utilize their degrees, knowledge and/or work experience to open their own location. Entering into the business world as the owner of a franchise has several advantages.

Advantage #1: You’re the Boss

Purchasing a franchise is a great way to gain leadership and authority while using your hard-earned skills and knowledge. In most cases, franchise owners have the final say on what occurs in their business, provided it falls in line with the company’s overall mission. They have authority over hiring and managing their staff, how certain procedures are carried out and the overall day-to-day business operations.

Advantage #2: The Brand and Connections are Already Established

Being a franchise owner has the added advantages of having set parameters and an already-established brand and connections. Franchise owners do not have to come up with an idea for their business or market to an audience that has never heard of them before. The recognizable name of a business already branded provides owners with a preset customer base off which to grow. Systems and standards are in place when a franchise is bought, making it easier to enter in as a new owner.

Advantage #3: There are Franchises in Most Fields of Work

Perhaps best of all, women can purchase a franchise in almost any industry. Whether your passion lies in accounting, education, food service or pet care, there is a franchise available that will give you the opportunity to work doing what you love. Best of all, the franchiser has the tools to help all of its franchisees succeed. It’s win-win no matter your previous business experience.

Becoming a franchise owner is simple. It is easy to find, for example, ice cream franchises for sale in Canada, and the multitude of other industries served by franchises means that there is something suitable for every woman looking to become a business owner. No matter the type of business you wish to enter into, franchising is an excellent way to start a business without having to do so from the ground up.