4 Pillars Franchisees Help Canadians Achieve Financial Stability


Aug 20, 2013

4 Pillars franchise

4 Pillars franchisees are raising the alarm, concerned that Canadians have turned a blind eye to Carney’s warnings as household debt hits a fresh record at 165%.

The ratio of Canadian household debt to disposable income rose to another record last quarter, calling into question previous Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney’s assertion that families aren’t listening to his warnings about the risks of borrowing too much.

As you can see from the headline in the financial post earlier this year, Canadians need help. Consumer debt is on the rise and increasingly the focus of the media and an anxious society. It is reaching epidemic proportions. Currently personal debt is higher as a percentage of household income in Canada (165%) than in the U.S.

Last year 4 Pillars successfully restructured $100 million in consumer debt. But debt restructuring is only one service they offer, they also provide clients with cash flow analysis and one of the most comprehensive credit rebuilding programs in Canada. In addition, they help small and medium size business financially restructure to remain viable and become profitable.

All the above services provide the franchise owner a unique and rewarding way to earn revenue and help Canadians create financial stability. 4 Pillars are huge supporters of the financial literacy movement in Canada and provide a rewarding business opportunity that truly changes lives.

4 Pillars continue to grow their exclusive product lines to ensure they continue to provide the most comprehensive service available to Canadians facing financial challenges and ensure they remain the most innovative company in the financial services industry.

Having almost reached capacity in British Columbia for franchise owners, 4 Pillars is continuing to expand through Ontario. In addition, they are offering special incentives for the right individuals to open their first offices in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.