A New Franchisee for A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections


Apr 07, 2014

As many people have discovered, owning and operating a franchise business is both rewarding and lucrative. It represents a chance to follow one's own hours; to run a successful business in a field about which you are passionate; and to earn a decent living.

Recent news from a fast growing franchise perfectly illustrates the above. A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections franchise brought a new franchisee into the fold, enabling him to go into business for himself. David Williams of A Buyer's Choice is delighted to welcome his latest franchisee, Malcolm Kehr to the business. Kehr had found A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections on the BeTheBoss.ca website.

Kehr has already made his mark. Williams explains that his franchise chose Kehr because of his extensive experience and technical knowledge gained through working in property maintenance. Kehr's previous involvement in wall finishing and stucco contracting for more than 20 years matches A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections' mission. Each branch of this franchise markets their own outlet and works with customers to complete home inspections.

Williams describes Kehr as a meticulous home inspector and also values his marketing skills in attracting new business. For others interested in working with A Buyer's Choice Home Inspection franchise, Williams explains the attributes he looks for when contacting potential franchisees. These include a firm knowledge of technical and construction techniques, confident communication skills with realtors and brokers, and a good working knowledge of computer skills and programs. A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections has plans for expansion in 2014, specifically in Victoria, Prince George and Okanagan.

Kehr made the decision to switch to home inspections because home improvement work is hard on the body. He wanted to move away from physical work but remain in the property field. This was good news for A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections. Williams says that, even though Kehr has only been with the franchise for a short time, he anticipates that he will be in the top 50% of their Canadian inspectors at the close of 2014.

Williams chose Kehr as a direct result of Kehr's finding the franchise listed on BeTheBoss.ca, an experience that Williams found to be highly positive. He comments that, generally the candidates that come to us through the BTB site are better qualified. The contact info we get from the BTB site is more clear, and we usually get a higher response rate for franchise presentations after the first contact.

In turn, Kehr is equally enthusiastic about BeTheBoss.ca and the list of opportunities it presents to follow up. It gave him the chance to find a business that matched his expertise, so he could work for himself with all the support and benefits of a successful franchise. Kehr adds, I found BeTheBoss.ca through a friend of mine; it was not a complicated procedure and was easy to navigate around the website. It put me directly in touch with what I was looking for. As for A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections, Kehr continues, I didn't feel pressure to buy. I felt like the choice was about me and my success, rather than just being a number in a company.

Malcolm Kehr's story is by no means unusual, and you too could strike gold and find the ideal franchise opportunity. Why not take a look on BeTheBoss.ca to see what's out there. A Buyer's Choice Home Inspections, or one of a wide range of other businesses matching your specific skills could set you on the path to success - today.