Another BeTheBoss Member Takes The Plunge


Oct 22, 2013

Loveridge Haparimwi The Achievement Centre

Here at we love to hear stories about people who purchased a franchise after learning about it on our website. We are passionate about connecting savvy investors with the best opportunities in Canada so they can turn their dreams of business ownership into reality.

Not long ago Loveridge Haparimwi of Ottawa was one of the many prospective franchisees who visit our site each day. He was looking to be his own boss within a framework that would support growth. The success rates of start up businesses made him hesitant so he decided to explore franchising.

Haparimwi came across The Achievement Centre opportunity after researching several other businesses. When asked what about the concept appealed to him, he explained the four elements that had caught his attention: their business model, the leadership team, the success of the existing franchisees, and the ease with which he could get started.

Marc Lacoursiere, President of The Achievement Centre, explained that The Achievement Centre is a non-traditional franchise model so people don’t typically go looking for a business like theirs; many people don’t realize they can be an entrepreneurial business coach while being part of a network with program and marketing support.

Lacoursiere told us that Haparimwi is the ideal Achievement Centre franchisee because he has a solid business background, an extensive business and community network, and is a self-starter. Lacoursiere was quick to add that Haparimwi hit the ground running after his initial training.

Haparimwi has over 20 years’ experience delivering exceptional results in various leadership roles. With a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Human Resources Development from Webster University, Haparimwi has extensive experience in management development, leading organizations, building teams and guiding organizations.

Haparimwi specializes in Leadership Development and Organizational Strategy. His passion is helping business owners and senior leaders achieve maximum results through highly engaged employees.

When asked about the success Lacoursiere has experienced through his partnership with BeTheBoss, he was quick to say that he has connected with several high quality prospects through the BeTheBoss site. Haparimwi echoed his sentiments, explaining that he found the site easy to navigate and that he appreciated the success stories he found on the site.

The Achievement Centre has a strong presence in central Canada, but there remains room for growth. However, Lacoursiere indicated he was particularly interested in developing their network in Western and Eastern Canada. He also explained their ability to support French business coaches has increased, so the Quebec market is prime for expansion.

The team at would like to wish Loveridge Haparimwi success with his new business. We feel honored to have played a part in connecting this entrepreneur with the business that will allow him to fulfill his goals.