The Achievement Centre Expands Into Western Canada


Apr 03, 2013

The Achievement Centre International is looking to expand into Western Canada. “We have had great success in Ontario and Quebec and we look forward to introducing the TAC brand to Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia”, stated Marc Lacoursière, President of The Achievement Centre. While there are distributors selling many of the TAC programs across the country, including Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia, TAC is looking to open its first franchise in the western provinces.

The Achievement Centre International provides proven learning materials and assessment tools to coaches, consultants, and facilitators so they can help their clients achieve greater results. TAC was created to minimize the time coaches spend on non-client tasks (creating content, marketing, administration, etc.) so they can spend more time doing what they love: helping people to be more successful in their careers and businesses.

There are two ways to leverage the TAC brand and services: become a Principal by purchasing a license to operate your own TAC business, or become an Associate by being sponsored by a Principal to be an independent business coach within a team of coaches.

Our coaches come from all different backgrounds and industries, but they all share a singular passion: To guide and support organizations in reaching their potential. Our coaches join TAC because they want the ability to have more control over their destiny, but like the idea of leveraging a proven system and network to provide training, resources, coaching, and capacity.

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