An Alberta Success Story with Canadian Residential Home Inspection


Mar 03, 2014

Many people are choosing to relocate to Alberta either permanently or temporarily, to take advantage of the job opportunities and increased wages that are plentiful in this oil rich province.

This spells a formula for success for the home inspection business. Canadian Residential Inspection Services has already sold most territories in Alberta and without exception those franchise owners are every bit as successful as they choose to be. The groupings of franchisees provide for a well-known and well respected business name that clients remember, and use.

Our territories are exclusive so there is no competition among our franchisees. This creates a team-like spirit between them that provides support and inspires ideas. Currently we have only five franchise territories remaining in Alberta. These are excellent territories that can be thriving home inspection businesses with our guidance, training and support. Recent purchaser Howie Boyda, Airdrie, Alberta found us via Be The Boss and saw the potential; he is our newest Alberta franchisee.

If you are thinking of getting into business for yourself in Alberta, and you think the home inspection industry might be for you, contact us to see what’s available.

Only five franchise territories available in Alberta and great franchise territories available in other provinces.