The ‘Angel’ Story


Nov 09, 2007

The ‘Angel’ Story

Adam David Paul's photograph occupies a prominent place in the reception area at the Head Office of Kitchener, Ont.-based Angel Associates. As Spiritual "CEO" of this privately owned, home care franchise system, Adam peers across the inviting sunlit room, his ear-to-ear smile and beaming blue eyes providing a vivid and poignant reminder of what Angel Associates is all about.

Adam was a year old when, in addition to being diagnosed as legally blind, it was discovered he would require around-the-clock care due to formidable mental and physical disabilities. Determined to provide that care at home rather than through an institution, Adam's mother, Nancy Paul, looked to the public home care system for support. For the next nine years, until her "little angel" suc­cumbed to a brain tumor at the age of 10, Ms. Paul experienced first hand the confusion and frustration of dealing with an over burdened system that forced her to juggle a number of care providing agencies, each narrowly defined by its limited and inflexible mandates.

Five years after her son's death, Paul turned her back on a lucrative but unfulfilling corporate career to pursue that very goal, determined to honor the long-held promise to her son that some­day she would establish a home care organization that would become a ‘one source’ support for families in need of care. With a go-the-extra-mile approach inspired by her son's memory, and fuelled by an infectious passion, Ms. Paul is well on her way to keeping that promise.

Angel Associates began franchising the home care concept in late 2004, and today has franchise locations in Kitchener-Waterloo, Sault Ste. Marie, Cambridge/Brantford, Kingston, and Mississauga. When Ms. Paul decided to franchise the concept, she turned to one of the most successful franchisors, Mac Voisin, founder of Kitchener, Ontario based M&M Meat Shops, which currently has over 410 franchises across Canada. Mr. Voisin has been an indispensable mentor ever since, lending valuable advice and expertise on such key issues as infrastructure development, franchisee recruitment, and marketing and franchisee support. Mr. Voisin is currently one of several successful business leaders who sit on the Advisory Board for Angel Associates. His decision to support the company was an easy one. "We think they're solid people," Mr. Voisin remarks. "We like the whole concept and it's right on the curve, so to speak, because of the huge group of baby boomers who are going to need some attention in the next few years." Mr. Voisin says he was also struck by Paul's passion and her dedication for doing things the right way. "She had put things in place by Year 2 that we (‘M&M’) hadn't done until Year 9 or 10," he says. "Now they're in a position to really put the pedal to the metal.”

Ms. Paul is focusing on an Ontario expansion target of 25 new franchises over the next three years. Applications have been plentiful however Paul is exceedingly selective in awarding franchises. She believes in maintaining high standards with enhanced support systems in place. Her organization seeks out individuals who want to be part of a top quality establishment and who will walk the talk. Angel Associates’ goal is to differentiate itself from the competition, both in the selection of its franchisees and the way it delivers services to its clients. Paul believes this is the most rewarding career for people who want to make a difference in someone’s life!

To ensure the highest Standards of quality, Angel Associates has successfully completed the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation. Accreditation is a seal of good quality in health care services recognized throughout Canada. This Accreditation status sends the message that Angel Associates is committed to delivering quality of care to its clients and in the communities it services.

The Angel Associates organization is built on its four cornerstones of Compassion, Dignity and Respect towards its clients in order that Independence is maintained by the people in its care. Ms. Paul is adamant that all of her franchisees must carry these principals since she wants Angel Associates to be second to none in the delivery of quality home care services in Canada