Art Innovators Franchisee - Mr. Paul Field Joins the Team


Mar 13, 2014

Mr. Paul Field has become a successful new franchisee for Art Innovators, which facilitates art programs for children and teenagers. This exciting news was announced by Art Innovators's president, Sue Barman. She explains what attributes she looks for in new candidates for the franchise, saying "A person that is positive, willing to follow directions, and understands being connected in the community is good."

After extensive searches, this new franchisee found his perfect choice of business through When looking for something that matched his expertise, he said it was which really stood out. Its comprehensive and clear information and easy to use site made the process go smoothly and quickly for him. Similarly, Art Innovators has benefited from using because of the quality of candidates that the site presents. This means it has been able to grow its business and secure its future.

As someone with a strong background in working with troubled teens who might otherwise miss educational opportunities, Mr. Field spoke about his reasons for choosing Art Innovators. "I knew that I needed to find a way to support my passion of providing creative opportunities for at-risk youth and under-privileged children," he said when asked about his motivations for choosing this particular franchise.

Everything moved quickly for Field and exciting developments came with each step. In the first year, he established six summer art camps as well as weekly art programs for many local schools. His success continues with programs for people of all ages, and he hopes to establish free educational selections that benefit locations such as shelters. Speaking about his experience with this franchise, Field said "Purchasing a franchise has enabled me to follow my passion and live a fulfilled life!"

Art Innovators is looking towards a great 2014 and anticipates significant growth, with further relevant leads expected from One related addition is the science franchise system known as Club Scientific. This brings a new area to the already popular KidzArt.

Given these endorsements from both the franchise and the franchisee, it would seem that now is the time for anyone looking for the right franchise opportunity to consider These and other opportunities will undoubtedly enable others to find their dream business and a new lifestyle