Aussie Pet Mobile Canada To Carry Green Min and Healing Solution Spray


Nov 17, 2011

Aussie Pet Mobile Canada, the nation’s largest mobile pet grooming business in the $50-plus billion pet industry, today announced the recent partnering with prominent Vancouver Veterinarian Dr. Peter Dobias of North Vancouver, B.C. Aussie Pet Mobile proudly now carries Green Min for DOGS and CATS a 100% plant based mineral supplement as well as Healing Solution Spray, an all natural wound care remedy.

“Many people are unaware that intensive agricultural practices lead to soil depletion which results in mineral deficits that can cause serious health problems and a shortened lifespan,” said Dr. Dobias , owner of Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions. “Numerous scientific studies confirm that full spectrum minerals are absolutely essential for the proper functioning of every cell and organ of your pet's body. They are the key to good health and longevity.”

The convenient mobile pet grooming service offers one-on-one attention in an inviting and relaxing atmosphere not typically found in store front grooming locations. The Aussie Pet Mobile, a custom designed van with air conditioning, heat, electricity, and water, relies on no outside electrical or water hookups which makes the unique service easy for apartment or condo residents as well as homeowners. Aussie Pet Mobile believes in supporting holistic health and well being of pets. Carrying Dr. Peter Dobias Healing Solutions is a natural progression.

Dr. Peter Dobias is a seasoned veterinarian with a background in both holistic and conventional veterinary medicine. Dr. Dobias has over 20 years of practical and teaching experience in this area including animal homeopathy and natural nutrition for pets.

Aussie Pet Mobile is proud to carry Green Min which is an all natural, 75% Certified Organic, human grade mineral supplement for your dogs and cats. Pets will benefit outwardly from Green Min with increased energy, stamina and mobility. Inwardly pets will also benefit from better digestion and nourishment on a cellular level.

Aussie Pet Mobile is also proud to carry the Healing Solutions Spray. It is an all natural herbal wound care for cuts, incisions, skin irritations and more. Healing Solutions Spray is made of the finest herbs. It has shown to promote healing of the skin including inflammations and swelling in varying conditions. It is a natural alternative to topical disinfectants, antibiotics and anti- fungals. It is a universal product that can be used on all beings including children and animals.

Best of all, Aussie Pet Mobile Canada is happy to support and carry the Green Min and Healing Solutions Spray products as they are ‘Made in Canada’. Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions does not source from countries that do not prosecute animal abuse or have a history of tainted food products.

Aussie Pet Mobile currently has 700 exclusive territories in the U.S. and 12 overseas countries including Australia, Japan, Ireland, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Greece the United Kingdom, and Canada. In 2009, Aussie Pet Mobile was voted the World’s #1 Pet Service by Entrepreneur Magazine. “Like” us on Facebook or “Follow” us on Twitter for Tips and Promotional offers.