Aussie Pet Mobile Expands


Jul 05, 2011

Vancouver, BC - Aussie Pet Mobile, the world’s largest mobile pet grooming business, continues to enjoy stunning growth in the North American $50-plus billion dollar pet industry. Aussie has recently expanded their coverage to 32 territories throughout British Columbia, pampering over 1.5 million British Columbians and their beloved pets.

The innovative company expanded in the Lower Mainland with a number of new Pet Mobiles rolling out in May and June 2011. They now offer mobile pet grooming services to Vancouver West, Vancouver East, Downtown Vancouver, the North Shore, the Tri-Cities, and Burnaby.

“We are thrilled to be able to service our clients in the heart of Vancouver,” said Andrea Cassels, Vancouver Commercial Manager for Aussie Pet Mobile Vancouver West. “Although we have only been on the road in our Vancouver territory since June 6th, our clients tell me our services are in great demand. It excites me that the business is growing and our customers are happy.”

Aussie Pet Mobile is unique in that they offer “we come to you” convenient and stress-free services for all furry friends, where they pamper clients’ pets in their own surroundings.

“Our clients love us coming right to their home, it's convenient, their pets are pampered and the whole service is extremely stress-free. They smell great as well,” added Cassels. “There really isn’t much that we can’t tackle in our Pet Mobile. We are on the road and are available to meet all of our clients’ needs.”

Vancouver Island is now totally sold out and services the whole island including Victoria, Sidney, Saanich, and Nanaimo.

“Our clients praise that our services and groomers are a complete “dog” send, especially for difficult pets,” said Glenn Rubuliak, Vancouver Island Franchise Owner. Rubuliak recalled an older Siberian Husky that was usually difficult for groomers. “His owner was absolutely ecstatic about the services she received with Aussie. Our groomer spent three hours on her dog and she said that she’s never seen him act so calm and relaxed before.”

Aussie Pet Mobile has experienced robust growth in Canada since announcing the company’s initial development plans for Vancouver in early 2010. Overall company expansion plans include opening 100 mobile pet grooming units across Canada during the next five years.

“We are taking the direction of being the #1 provider of quality pet grooming via a convenient, reliable and professional service,” said Richard Avis, President and CEO of Aussie Pet Mobile Canada. “We love to exceed our clients expectations! Our Franchise Owners enjoy the lifestyle of this home based business opportunity and really get involved in community activities.”

Aussie Pet Mobile’s consistent and high quality service has proven to set them apart from traditional grooming stores. Clients rave about the convenience of their mobile solar paneled vans which are equipped with a patented heated hydro bath as well as self-contained water, waste and electricity.

“No more caging or leaving the animal all day in a stressful retail store,” said Avis. “Plus our Pet Mobiles make grooming your four-legged friends a green choice; the solar powered mobile pet grooming vans convert solar energy to electric power that helps reduce emissions.”

Avis said Aussie Pet Mobile prides themselves to be the best at every aspect of pet grooming that is sure to leave your loved pet tail-waggingly happy, from their 15 step Spa Grooming Services, to other special services for teeth, nails, ears, pad repair, and conditioning, they have you covered.

Aussie Pet Mobile is always looking for ways to give back to the community by participating in local events across the province and also strives to offer great promotions for new and existing clients.

“Right now, if you “Like” our Facebook Group or “Follow Us” on Twitter you will receive 10% off your first groom!” said Avis. Aussie Pet Mobile commenced its Canadian operation in 2010 with its Canadian Corporate Headquarters located in Downtown Vancouver, BC.

About Aussie Pet Mobile

Founded in Australia in 1996, Aussie Pet Mobile is the world’s largest mobile pet grooming business servicing more than 700 exclusive territories throughout 12 countries globally which includes Australia, Japan, Cyprus, United States, Greece, Ireland, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada. In 2009, Aussie Pet Mobile was voted the World’s #1 Pet Service by Entrepreneur Magazine.