A&W Moves Forward With Organic Coffee


Mar 27, 2015

A&W Food Services of Canada, the second-largest quick service restaurant chain in the country, has become the first Canadian QSR restaurant to have organic, fair-trade, 100-percent Arabica coffee on its menu. The coffee, brewed by roaster Van Houtte, is free of artificial substances. Its fair-trade certification means this coffee meets the standards set by fair-trade organization, which aim to provide an alternative and equal market for coffee bean producers in developing countries.

Susan Senecal, the chief marketing officer of A&W, said that the company's "Ingredients Guarantee" initiative started back in 2013 with the sourcing of hormone and steroid-free beef, and organic coffee was the next natural step. According to Senecal, the beef change garnered excellent feedback from customers and sales went up by more than 10 percent. Research and taste testing led the company to collaborate with the Montreal-based Van Houtte for its coffee service.

Alongside the introduction of the coffee is A&W's brand new complete breakfast menu, redesigned to meet the "Ingredients Guarantee" criteria, as well. Items include the beef raised with no steroids and hormones, eggs from hens that consume a diet sans animal byproducts and antibiotic-free chicken.

A&W is just one of many franchises in Canada making exciting changes and entering a period of solid growth. As a franchisee, you get to be your own boss and work a job that fuels your passion while allowing you to enjoy your life.

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