Baskin-Robbins Franchise Continues to Grow


Nov 03, 2008

The economy may be cooling down – but for Baskin-Robbins, business in Canada is heating up! With more than 100 franchisees in Canada, the famous ice-cream chain has big expansion plans for Canada and is looking for business savvy entrepreneurs to become franchisees in the Hamilton and Niagara Peninsula-Halton regions.

“The Golden Horseshoe is growing rapidly, and there are lots of neighbourhoods that we think can support a Baskin-Robbins. We think we can be Canada’s favourite local ice-cream destination.” says Marietta Snetsinger, Franchising Manager at Baskin-Robbins. “Folks may not be going out to restaurants to eat as often as they used to, but ice-cream is an indulgence that most people are not willing to give up.”

Baskin-Robbins is seeking business entrepreneurs with the experience to launch three to five new locations in various markets throughout the Hamilton and Niagara area. Unlike its “mom and pop” beginnings, these days Baskin-Robbins is looking to cultivate and expand with franchisees who are true “business experts” with the experience to help the business grow. 

With the Baskin-Robbins’ “Small Business, Small Network” approach, the company is attracting individuals and corporations with the ability to take a solid and  proven operating system and successfully “teach and train” their own employees.  “There are lots of great people looking for new opportunities,” said Snetsinger.  These entrepreneurs can take what they have learned previously and apply those principles to the ice cream business - and we hope they will find a natural fit with Baskin-Robbins.”

According to Snetsinger, “We are seeking individuals with business savvy, not “expert” ice-cream scoopers. Being engaged with your business does not mean that you’re always working within the four walls….you may also be out in the community promoting your business.”

Established by brothers-in-law Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in Glendale, California in 1945, today Baskin-Robbins has nearly 6,000 outlets in 34 countries worldwide. Around the world, the success of Baskin-Robbins is due not only to its delicious line of premium ice-cream flavours and unique frozen treats but also to partnering with true business experts who are passionate about ice-cream and who enjoy providing superior customer service. Baskin-Robbins has launched an aggressive search plan, and is currently offering Franchise information seminars at which candidates have the opportunity to learn more about the brand and visit a new concept store.  

“ We’re currently engaged with several potential candidates,” says Snetsinger. “And they’re really excited about the new Baskin-Robbins network opportunity as well as the new products we are bringing to the marketplace.  It is an exciting time to be part of this company and there is no doubt about it- a Baskin-Robbins franchise is a sweet opportunity.”