Teams Up With Zoracle!


May 26, 2014

Vancouver, BC, May 27,2014

Canadian franchising portal has entered a partnership with Zoracle Profiles to give results-driven franchisors a cost-saving profiling system to recruit and qualify prospective franchisees.

Zoracle’s SpotOn! science-based business builder assessment measures franchisees using eight modules; values, stages of business growth, culture, work style, core competencies, business development potential, sales style and system compliance. Franchisors use the tool to profile their top performers and determine the traits lead to success in their business. Then they have potential franchisees take the assessment and see who exhibits those same traits. Profile results provide franchisors objective data so as to make wise franchise partner selection decisions.

Rob Lancit, founder of FranTech Media which operates, is thrilled about the new partnership. “It’s our mandate to support franchise businesses in Canada any way we can, and SpotOn! will essentially function as a matchmaking service for franchisors,” he says.

“A franchise is only as good as its partners, so a franchisor has to be sure to recruit the best candidates out there. SpotOn! makes that possible.”

Rebecca Monet, the scientist behind Zoracle’s SpotOn!, says “There’s nothing more frustrating to a franchisor than a franchisee that is not a good fit; especially considering the costs involved with acquiring, training and supporting that franchisee.”

“For 20 years my goal has been the same - to provide smart, systematic and scientific tools to take the guesswork out of franchisee-franchisor compatibility and to better predict franchisee performance,” says Monet.

Zoracle uses five different predictive sciences, as well as topological and dimensional scoring methods to increase accuracy. This highly refined process takes any uncertainty out of determining if someone will fit in with a company’s business plan and culture.

“New franchise owners can be trained, but they cannot be managed on a day-to-day basis,” says Lancit. “That’s why ensuring that you’re recruiting only the best and brightest minds that fit the mold of what you’re looking for is essential. We’re confident in the science behind the SpotOn! tool and are looking forward to exciting results for our franchisor clients.” To find about more about Zoracle’s SpotOn! Report, visit their website.

Also, check out to learn more about franchising in Canada, and find out what business are currently looking for new partners.

Rob Lancit, Founder of FranTech Media,

Shawn Marcum,Director of Operations at Zoracle Profiles,