Be The Boss Infographic on the 100 Top Franchises in Canada


Jun 09, 2014

Vancouver, BC, 9 June 2014 – Franchise portal is the number one place on the Internet for franchising information in Canada. Now they've released a statistical Infographic on the list of Canada's 100 Top Franchise business opportunities, offering a breakdown of the most notable points found in the study including:

  • Where the Top Franchises originate from
  • That types of franchises are in the Top 100
  • Interesting facts about Canadian Franchise owners
  • Average franchise royalty fees
  • Types of food franchises in the Top 100

Using percentages and figures, Be The Boss lays out in simple terms what the biggest industries are in the Canadian franchising world, where the companies in the 100 Top Franchises originate from, and much more.

Rob Lancit, the president of FranTech Media Inc., which owns and operates, is thrilled with the franchising data set and confident that it will be a great resource for people looking for Canadian franchise business opportunities.

"A lot of work went into collecting the data, and we feel this Infographic accurately reflects the nature of franchising in Canada today. For anyone looking into the best franchises for sale this is a great resource because it'll tell them in plain terms what industries are trending right now, and allow them to make a more informed decision on what franchise business to buy into," says Lancit.

The data set indicates that 47% of the companies in the Top 100 originate from Canada and 49% come from the US. Australia, the UK, and Japan make up the remaining 4%.

"Franchising is a multi-billion dollar industry in Canada and the US, so a study like this is extremely useful. This will add a lot more value to our visitors, and further cement our position as the go-to place for franchising information. It's a competitive industry, but this list is going to give anyone looking for franchise business opportunities an edge as no one else has really done this kind of a study in Canada before," says Lancit.

The food industry has always provided the best opportunity for franchising and it shows. An interesting statistic gleaned from the Top 100 is that 47% of the franchises in the list are food franchises. This includes fast food, bars, and casual dining restaurants. The study further breaks down the food franchises sector into what types of food are most popular. Pizza tops the list with 25% of all food franchises. Burgers and yoghurt/ice cream establishments take the second and third place respectively. This is just a sample of the information you can find in this 100 Top Franchises infographic.

"We're very excited about this study and how it will benefit future and current franchisees. There are many ways they can go about using this Canadian franchise information in their business search," says Lancit. "It's always been our goal to help future and current franchisees any way we can, and this franchise infographic is a giant step in that direction."

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