BuyMeACar Makes Automotive Franchising Achievable


Jun 14, 2013

BuyMeACar, a unique service provider in Canada, is currently heading up an aggressive expansion campaign throughout the country. The franchise provides customers with professional service and help with buying a pre-owned car, saving them the time and money often spent trying to find the best deal.

An average person spends around 40 hours on a used car search, so BuyMeACar's services are naturally in high demand. The franchise's focus is to find the customer the car they want at an acceptable price while making the process pleasant. Many people have horror stories regarding the pre-owned car process and BuyMeACar is trying to ensure customers don't have that sort of experience.

According to Brian O`Donnell, the President of BuyMeACar, the franchise has an eye toward expansion all over Canada, as major cities often have multiple dealerships from which they can choose. In order to encourage more franchisees, BuyMeACar is offering a discount, for a limited time, to the next three people who join the company.

BuyMeACar is currently not focusing on any one particular geographic area in terms of growth because the service is extremely popular and the market is wide open. Interested prospective franchisees should look into BuyMeACar while the opportunity is available in various locations.