Canadians, make way for le petit déjeuner


Feb 08, 2008

TORONTO, Feb. 7 /CNW/ - Breakfast in English Canada is about to get a
major transformation.
    Cora's, the booming breakfast chain from La Belle Province, will be
making waves throughout English Canada in 2008 with the opening of 21 new
locations from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.
    Business has blossomed for the Quebec-founded breakfast giant since
entering English Canada in 2000. Last year, the franchiser experienced close
to 20 per cent growth in its overall revenue, prompting an even more ambitious
move toward expansion.
    Founder Cora Tsouflidou said the home-style atmosphere and wholesome
ingredients of her extensive menu has become a hit with Canadian breakfast
lovers. From professional executives looking for a serene environment to hold
a meeting while enjoying properly prepared nutritious food, to yummy mummies
searching for a place to share healthy meals with their kids, Cora's has them
lining up at the door.
    "What resonates with our clientele is our ability to provide a unique,
wholesome breakfast alternative with some flair, but without making it
something exclusive," said Tsouflidou, describing her business concept as
"affordable, fine breakfasting."
    By the end of 2008, the number of Cora's franchises in English Canada
will have grown almost 55 per cent over last year to 59 restaurants - from
38 locations outside QC - with franchises set to pop up in Dartmouth, N.S.,
St. John, Edmunston and Moncton, N.B., Edmonton, Calgary and Okotoks, AB,
Vancouver and Kelowna BC, and12 Ontario locations.
    Once the 2008 expansion is complete, Cora's will have a total of
108 franchises throughout Canada and will already be looking at an additional
56 Canadian openings by 2011. For good measure, the breakfast baroness will be
eyeing markets south of the 49th parallel for further growth by 2010.
    While the recent economic downturn has forced many of today's
restaurateurs into retreat, Cora's is moving full speed ahead with a positive
forecast for the future - an inspirational success story from a company that
humbly started as a single café in Montreal.
    Today, the future seems bright for the woman coined the "Queen of
Breakfast." Data from the NPD group shows in-restaurant meals have been rising
steadily over the past four years and there's little to suggest a reversal of
fortune anytime soon.
    "We have created a unique concept in the restaurant industry - opening
from 6:00am to 3:00pm serving only breakfast and lunch. This allows
franchisees to be home to spend quality time with their families," explains
Tsouflidou. "The fact that we can share our breakfast concept, create jobs and
support entrepreneurs makes us very proud," she goes on to say.
    Yet the real grabber has been the inclusion of countless
customer-inspired recipes named after their creators. Whether it's Rosemary
Sunday (eggs), the Bobby Botton (omelette) or Raspberry for Lucie, Cora's
desire to take on the recipes of its regulars has allowed the company to grow
in a way that is mutually beneficial to Cora's and its clientele. The concept
is simple - give people what they want and they'll keep coming back - a
concept rarely followed in the restaurant industry.
    "It may sound idealistic, but even with our anticipated growth we have no
intention of letting go of our grassroots legacy," said Tsouflidou. "After
all, it's what got us here in the first place."

    The Cora Franchise Group Inc.

    Famous for its good food, Cora's offers generous breakfasts and lunches
served in a home-style atmosphere. The recognized leader among breakfast
restaurants in Quebec, the company is currently operating in eight provinces
with a total of 90 restaurants. The Cora Franchise Group Inc. has won several
awards and in 2008 was named one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies for the
third consecutive year. The restaurants offer customers top quality food and
service Monday to Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and on Sunday from
7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.