CEFA Early Learning Arrives in Kelowna


Jan 28, 2016

Kelowna, BC (Jan 27, 2016) Early childhood education sets strong academic foundation

CEFA Early Learning will be raising the bar when it comes to childcare options in Kelowna starting February 1, 2016. Unlike traditional daycare, CEFA uses a proven World-Class Early Learning program that helps children get the best possible start in life by optimizing their learning opportunities during their brains’ most formative years as recently published by the Provincial Office for the Early Years.

In Europe and Asia, children start schooling at a much younger age, with a focus on building proper study habits as well as social and time management skills. Natacha Beim, CEO and Founder of CEFA Early Learning brought the junior kindergarten concept to Canada in 1998, opening her first school in West Vancouver. CEFA is a full day early learning private school designed for infants and children up to five years old. The enriched curriculum features a unique partnership of core subjects, such as reading, writing, math and science; together with fine arts, including yoga, music, drama and language, providing children with the freedom to learn and grow through play, nurturing a child’s desire to learn.

CEFA Early Learning’s mission is to build a foundation for children to be well prepared for traditional schooling but also to be well-rounded contributing individuals. “ In this day in age, Fortune 500 companies are not only looking for high GPAs but also individuals who have social skills. They need to be just as emotionally intelligent as they are book smart,” says Beim.

Our mission is to inspire children to:
learn and be knowledgeable
seek self-betterment
and contribute as individuals

CEFA Kelowna
is the first CEFA Early Learning location in the Okanagan and is one of 15 franchised locations in British Columbia. The school is located at #100 - 590 McKay Ave, just off Pandosy St. 

If owning a CEFA Early Learning franchise in your area is something you want to explore, check out their listing with us here.