Century 21 expanding in Nova Scotia


Sep 17, 2006

CENTURY 21 recently announced the expansion of CENTURY 21 Bayside Real Estate Inc. on Cape Breton Island, NS. Located in Boularderie. The Boularderie East location will continue operating as a branch location with the main location being moved to Sydney.

“When I was Independent, it was suggested by several of my US clients that I would have a lot better visibility with CENTURY 21. When I decided to become a broker, CENTURY 21 was an obvious choice,” says Bruce Kerr, who co-owns CENTURY 21 Bayside Real Estate Inc. with his wife, Barbara Kerr.

“I was in the construction business for many years, starting with home insulation, improvements and construction and eventually moving into log home sales, design and erecting on site. I'''ve had much experience in the development of personal dreams culminating in land preparation, land division and finally designing and building of log homes and other more recreational housing. Sales in the housing industry have been my forte since 1974. I really like to help my clients ‘Live their Dream’ here, on Cape Breton Island,” continues Kerr.

Bayside Real Estate Inc. co-owner Barbara Kerr, brings a personal touch to CENTURY 21. Her background in caring for people as a Registered Nurse led her on a journey of working in the Third World on medical missions and her love of the land was realized in being an Organic Farmer for a number of years. Barb also shares Bruce’s background in construction and design.

“Some find a visit to Cape Breton Island a restful or invigorating experience and return home feeling renewed and content, but for others this special island speaks to them on a much deeper level and the desire to return never leaves,” says Kerr, who arrived in Cape Breton in 1999 and has since become an active volunteer and business leader in the community.