Chem-Dry's Cleaning Process Proven to Make Homes Healthier


Aug 26, 2015

New Study Has Revealed the Industry Leader's Cleaning Process Removes 89 Percent of Airborne Bacteria and 98.1 Percent of Allergens

A new study has solidified Chem-Dry, a global upholstery and carpet cleaning service, as the leader in its industry. Researchers performed extensive tests on the company’s proprietary cleaning process, Hot Carbonating Extraction, and found that the method removed 98.1 percent of common allergens in the home from upholstery and carpets on average. Studies also showed that, when the HCE method was combined with the company’s sanitizer, 89 percent of airborne bacteria on average were also removed from the home.

An independent air quality lab conducted this study using a cross-section of homes throughout the world. The common household allergens tested were dust mites and pet dander. Chem-Dry CEO Dan Tarantin reported the company was pleased with the results. Tarantin noted that Chem-Dry’s proprietary products and services can help those suffering from asthma or allergies and those who are just looking to provide a healthy living environment for their families.

With Canadians spending close to 90 percent of their days indoors, according to Health Canada (, professional upholstery and carpet cleaning is a must for good health. Covered furniture, rugs and carpets act as filters that trap allergens, bacteria and dirt, but these items must be cleaned to remain effective. If left dirty, the unhealthy elements that are trapped can become airborne and circulate through the home. These study results have proven that Chem-Dry’s deep cleaning process can help create a healthier home for families by thoroughly removing the absorbed elements before they enter the air.

Chem-Dry’s proprietary HCE method is different from other services currently on the market. This system uses microscopic bubbles to get into carpet fibers on a deeper level, allowing for easier extraction of the removed particles. The company’s main green-certified cleaning solution, The Natural, does not have harsh chemicals or detergents, making it pet and child safe. Chem-Dry also uses 80 percent less water than traditional steam cleaning methods, so carpets dry in less than one day. The low-moisture clean also reduces the risk of mold or mildew accumulating under the backing of carpets.

About Chem-Dry

Chem-Dry was founded in 1977 and is the leading upholstery and carpet cleaning service today. The company has over 3,500 locations in over 45 countries, servicing 10,000 homes each day. Chem-Dry has been listed as the number one carpet cleaning franchise by Entrepreneur magazine for 27 years in a row and in the same publication’s top ten concepts list by for 19 years straight. Harris Research, Inc., owner of the growing N-Hance Wood Renewal franchise, also owns the company.

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