CEO of Specialiaty Food Franchise Shaking Up the Competition


Jul 12, 2011

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA-(July 11, 2011) - When it comes to executing a complete brand makeover, no one knows more about rejuvenating a plateau-ing brand than Paul Monger, CEO of Western Canada-based specialty food franchise, Clancy's Meat Co.

Monger is a bona fide food industry expert. After working for Domino's Pizza and Quiznos, Monger saw that there was a very real opportunity to add value to the stagnant specialty food industry – a sector that had always followed a standard formula – rows of freezers displaying frozen meats, vegetables and desserts, all kept behind a counter.

Monger recognized that Canadian consumers were not only demanding great value, but access to the freshest and highest quality food to feed their families. By adding an extensive line of top-quality frozen products all accessible by self-serve freezers, and a whole range of packaged sauces and marinades to supplement the fresh cuts of meat that Clancy's was already famous for – Monger executed a complete product overhaul, strategically designed to speak to the evolving desires and tastes of consumers.

With the combination of fresh, pre-marinated, ready-to-serve foods, extensive selection of frozen products, and variety of packaged sauces and marinades, Monger introduced Canada's specialty food market to the concept of the "modern day butcher shop". With the addition of fresh and frozen products, Clancy's is adding convenience and value for end-users, who are increasingly looking for the highest quality food possible for their families.

The new Clancy's Meat Co. stores are bright, airy, modern, and stocked with both fresh and frozen products. But the proof really is in the pudding. In the 12 months since the rebrand and rollout of fresh products, Clancy's has sold 25+ new franchise locations across Canada and has experienced 250% system-wide growth.

Leveraging a brand overhaul can be a great strategy to encourage sustainable franchise growth and according to Monger, turning around a flailing franchise begins with three turnkey switches:

Bring in the pros: Hire the best and the brightest – people that have been there, done that, and are capable of making immediate changes. (To resurrect Clancy's, Monger brought in longtime M&M Meat Shops exec Brian Davy as VP of Franchise Development, longtime Earls Restaurants Purchasing powerhouse, Don Rankin and Original Joe's Operations & Franchising pro, Terrie Aylesworth).

Rebrand: Get rid of all collateral connected to the old brand. Embark on a new advertising and marketing campaign – an entirely fresh approach.

Don't be afraid to mix it up: When Monger took over Clancy's he decided that the missing link wasn't doing more of the same, but shaking it up. He added a whole new arm of the business by adding in frozen and packaged goods to accompany the fresh cut meats that the company was built on.