Clean Air Yard Care Offers New, In-House Branded Organic Products


Apr 18, 2013

Clean Air Yard Care Operations is proud to announce that it has finalized a deal with Biofert, Inc., Canada's leading maker of organic soil enhancers and fertilizers. As of now, Clean Air Yard Care franchises throughout the country will use a special line of Biofert products made exclusively for Clean Air Yard Care.

Labelled under the Clean Air Yard Care branding, this new line of high quality, chemical-free organic products will still be made by Biofert but will replace the Orguniquee brand products, also made by Biofert, that have been used by Clean Air Yard Care in the past.

The new Clean Air Yard Care brand will include all-organic, chemical-free gardening essentials such as fertilizers, soil additives and liquid supplements. These products will contain unique, scientifically formulated blends that have been approved by the Organic Materials Reviews Institute. This new line of products is designed to provide chemical-free solutions to seven key gardening concerns for residential, commercial and strata-type yards.

By having its own brand of high quality organic gardening products, Clean Air Yard Care continues its commitment to stay on the cutting edge of modern, eco-friendly gardening technology. This, in turn, not only helps gardeners across the country; it also benefits Clean Air Yard Care franchisees, who can now proudly offer in-house branded, all-organic products to their clients. Likewise, franchisees can be assured that they're going to be offering their clients the finest all-organic gardening products on today's market. That's because, in only a few short years, Biofert has become world-renowned for the safety and effectiveness of its gardening solutions.

Since its founding in 2006, Biofert has committed itself to developing the best organic gardening products on the market, including the latest and best in 100 percent organic fertilizers and soil additives. Now, with this joint partnership, Clean Air Yard Care franchisees can offer these newest Biofert-manufactured products under the Clean Air Yard Care name.

By offering the highest quality pesticide-free, chemical-free supplements, fertilizers and soil enhancers under its own branding, Clean Yard Care continues to show its commitment to helping gardeners grow greener, healthier gardens. By offering 100 percent organic solutions to their clients, Clean Yard Care franchisees can take pride in the fact that their services are contributing to a cleaner, more environmentally friendly world.