Clean Air Yard Care A Finalist in the Best Green Business Category


Jan 17, 2013

Last month, Small Business BC announced the preliminary results for this year's Successful You awards, which are given each year to celebrate the most important contributions made to the community by the best of British Columbia's entrepreneurs.

This year, the Victoria-based company, Clean Air Yard Care has been nominated as a Top 10 Finalist in the Best Green Business category, which is sponsored by BC Hydro. The awards will be given on February 28 at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver.

For those who know about the company and its sustainable practices, it's not surprising that it's being honored as a pioneering green business. Clean Air Yard Care was the first solar yard care business in Canada and has recently become the first carbon neutral landscaper in all of British Columbia.

Recognized as Canada's first truly green yard care business, Clean Air Yard Care implements a number of crucial procedures to reduce its carbon footprint on the environment. As one of its practices, Clean Air Yard Care only uses solar-powered lawn mowers, so there's no gas and no emissions.

According to statistics from Environment Canada, running a gas-powered lawnmower for as little as an hour can emit as much pollution as driving an automobile at a distance of 550 kilometers. These statistics go on to say that any type of gas-powered equipment, from lawnmowers to trimmers and blowers, release approximately 80,000 tones of emissions throughout Canada each year and use a whopping 151 million liters of gasoline. Likewise, these reports also tell us that five percent of Canada's yearly pollution is caused by gas-powered lawnmowers.

With this in mind, Clean Air Yard Care does not use gas-powered equipment for any of its yard care services. Instead, its cordless, electric mowers and trimmers are powered by renewable energy from the sun. Our mobile trailer provides a solar energy source that is sufficient to operate all of our equipment.

Clean Air Yard Care also prides itself on offering pesticide-free lawn care alternatives, which are still highly effective in getting rid of weeds and pests. Likewise, our organic fertilizer also nourishes your lawn without using any harmful chemicals.

Clean Air Yard Care is also active in another aspect of sustainable living, namely recycling. We recycle all of the mulched clippings we collect and, whenever possible, we send them to local recycling programs.

In recent years, Clean Air Yard Care has also become known for its xeriscaping services. Xeriscaping, which refers to landscaping that reduces or even eliminates the need for water irrigation, greatly reduces overall water usage in gardens and yards.

In its xeriscaping projects, Clean Air Yard Care designers bring in drought resistant plans, ornamental grasses and shrubs. Clean Air Yard Care's designers are also experienced in implementing ornamental grasses, shrubs and rock gardens in any type of landscaping project.

Clean Air Yard Care provides a wide range of services, from de-thatching lawns to planting shrub beds, trees and flowers. Its commitment to providing the ultimate in green services, however, has over time, made this company stand out from the rest.

Clean Air Yard Care is currently offering exclusive franchise opportunities to interested entrepreneurs.