Congratulations SYMPOSIUM


Apr 10, 2019

Congratulations SYMPOSIUM

Symposium Cafe takes Gold in the 2019 CFA Award of Excellence under Traditional Franchises with 16 to 29 units.

The CFA just announced the traditional brick and mortar and non-traditional 2019 Awards of Excellence in Franchising.

Sections were separated into Traditional Franchises and Non-Traditional Franchises. Inside these classifications, contestants were classified according to their number of franchisees. 

The CFA awards two Grand Prizes to mirror the type of franchises available. The scope of franchising is very diversified in Canada therefore the awards had to be distinguished between two strong sectors within franchising.

The CFA Awards of Excellence in Franchising are offered every year to franchises exhibiting a framework predominant in expansion, concepts, relations and initiative: Growing Together (TM) franchisor and franchisees.
2019 is a solid year for Symposium and this award just confirms it. 

The company has an aggressive expansion plan in Canada, Find out more here at