Denny's Completes Switch to Trans Fat-Free Oil in All Restaurants


Mar 15, 2007

Denny's, the United States’ largest family dining chain, recently announced it completed the system wide roll out of a non-trans fat alternative fry shortening in all 1,545 restaurants. Denny's restaurants are now using a new type of frying oil that is trans fat-free and also enhances the flavor, appearance and texture of fried foods.

'We are continually looking at ways to improve the taste and flavor of our menu offerings and giving guests choices to meet their needs,' said Peter Gibbons, Denny's Vice President of Product Development. 'We will continue to work aggressively to eliminate trans fat from the entire array of products served in our restaurants.'

Denny’s is working with its suppliers to adjust processing and ingredients to further eliminate trans fats. The chain is among the first to extend the elimination of trans fats to include margarine products and is currently testing no trans fat garlic spread, liquid margarine and whipped margarine. The initial phase of testing on reformulated trans fat-free margarines is complete and the second phase of alternative margarine product testing is underway. Subject to meeting stringent quality standards, Denny's expects to introduce trans fat-free margarines in its restaurants in mid-2007.