Doctor Screen Opens New Territories Across Canada


May 31, 2016

Doctor Screen has enjoyed a rapid growth in the niche business of mobile screen repair since opening in March 2014.  Demand has been so high for this service that large territories can prove difficult to manage with the vast number of screens applications in urban areas.  For this reason, Doctor Screen is now offering smaller, more conveniently laid out territories, particularly in larger cities. Franchisees don’t need to own all of Montreal or Calgary to build a solid profitable business, and with the new territory layout, they can enjoy the same great success closer to home.  As more and more clients discover the service, the growth is exceptional.

Now it is possible to purchase a territory from CAN $25,000 with a new plan designed to maximize utilization in an area with a smaller base.  Doctor Screen’s Vancouver distributor is resizing his territory into 4 more manageable areas in order to service all areas without sacrificing speedy service, and these new distribution areas are available to new distributors like you.  Adding convenient screen related products to the services offered is also increasing awareness of who to call for all screen related problems.

Want a business you can grow close to home?  Call Doctor Screen for more information.