Doctor Screen Welcomes Ontario Distributor


Feb 12, 2016

Mobile screen repair brand Doctor Screen is pleased to welcome new distributor Martin Vuksinic, who will be operating in the District of Muskoka Parry Sound area of Ontario. Vuksinic connected with Doctor Screen through the online franchise and information portal, which the company credits with bringing in all but one of its distributors to date.

Vuksinic spoke about his new venture, saying that he was looking for a niche business and Doctor Screen fit the bill. According to the new distributor, Doctor Screen also has the added advantage of allowing him to be at home every night, something that he couldn’t do in his previous company. The process was simple, and he found President Greg Woolvett to be great to work with.  A simple Google search led Vuksinic to, and it was his first time using the website. He found the portal easy to use and was able to find Doctor Screen quite quickly just by scrolling through the first page of opportunities.  Martin now looks forward to building a successful business and takes pride in providing great customer service.

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