Domino's Creates Catchy Online Video


Jan 25, 2007

Domino's recently announced its involvement behind an amusing viral video series that is gaining the attention of millions of people online.

Domino's used an outside the box approach in promoting its new Anything Goes Deal Contest along with the help of its advertising agency, JWT. In order to introduce its new Anything Goes Deal pizza promotion -- where any large pizza, on any crust and with any toppings is just $9.99 -- Domino's and JWT launched a full-scale integrated marketing campaign featuring a groundbreaking contest that uses to offer more than $250,000 worth of premium items for just $9.99. The contest offers great daily prizes and several large prizes available until its end on Feb. 5.

To generate interest in the large items and promote the program, Domino's and JWT created larger-than-life characters who all shared a desire to offer big ticket items for the same low price. For each large prize, a series of viral videos were launched on popular social networking sites. Each video series eventually revealed the featured character's intent to offer a great item for only $9.99. profiles were also created for the characters to help drive traffic to the video sites and generate chatter about the videos' quirky content and interesting characters. Additionally, the URL to the contest Web site,, was included in the videos to drive traffic to the promotion site.

The first of the three viral video series was used to tease and then announce an opportunity to win a Saab 9-3 convertible AERO on eBay for just $9.99. This series, called "MacKenzie gets what MacKenzie wants," featured a spoiled rich girl who wanted a blue car for her birthday but got a red one instead. Her whining persisted until she got the car she wanted and then, much to the surprise and delight of video viewers, she decided to offer her red car on eBay for only $9.99.

With over two million views across multiple video sites, the popularity of the MacKenzie videos earned a top spot on several video sharing Web sites -- an honor generally reserved for the top-watched videos on the Internet.

"We took an unusual and innovative approach to creating buzz about our latest Anything Goes Deal promotion," said Ken Calwell, Domino's chief marketing officer. "The purpose of the viral videos was to engage and entertain consumers with the storylines and get them talking about the characters, the contest and most importantly, Domino's Pizza."

Domino's second premium prize was revealed with the "Rich Man" video series. This series introduced a man who eventually offered a Hitachi(R) plasma TV on eBay for $9.99 to prove just how rich he really was.

"By creating a compelling storyline available in the places where the Domino's consumer spends time, we were able to capture their interest, keep them engaged and communicate the Anything Goes Deal in an innovative way," said Jeff Bitsack, executive creative director, JWT New York.

The Anything Goes Deal Contest, which kicked off on Jan. 1, began with a winner receiving a Saab(R) convertible for only $9.99. This Friday's lucky winner will drive away with a Harley Davidson(R) XL 883 Sportster. (Complete contest rules can be found at

How to Get in on the Hunt

To get more information on how to participate in the Anything Goes Deal Contest and find the next great item for just $9.99, visit Once on the site, consumers can order an Anything Goes Deal pizza online, learn more about the contest and participate in games of skill which, if done correctly, will provide a clue needed to find the prizes on eBay. Domino's Anything Goes Deal Contest prizes will go to the first qualified buyer to locate the item on eBay and "Buy it Now" for $9.99. Consumers can also opt-in through to receive e-mail blasts and/or text messages alerting them about the hunt.

Domino's Pizza is the official sponsor of the Anything Goes Deal Contest.